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 We connect the print world 

 with the digital channels of today 

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 Digital, holistic and to the point 

As experienced media craftsmen, we master the interaction of a large number of trades and special disciplines of media production. For our customers, we connect the print world with the digital channels of today.

With an efficient network, we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements while ensuring quality.

We are moving professionally and safely in the analogue and digital production processes of the media landscape.

We work precisely, but with great attention to detail. We think and act holistically and across all media. The people who hire us are as important to us as the job itself. And that's why we've been working for many clients for many years.

Each project has a unique status with us, with unique starting position and own goals. We look forward to hearing from you what you are working on.


/Digital Media

 Design, layout, Image editing & Co. 


CSM Digitale Medienvorstufe
CSM Database Publishing
CSM Medienproduktion
CSM Mailings
CSM Visualisierung
CSM Proof
CSM Database


Digital Media Prepress / Premedia

You can expect a lot from our fully equipped digital media prepress – above all, quality and punctuality.

Our services at a glance:

  • Professional image editing:
    Clipping, masking, color corrections, retouching

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustrations

  • Shaping

  • Layout, corporate design

  • Database Publishing

  • Crossmedial data output

  • High-end scanning

  • Document scanning

  • Interactive PDF file

  • Color-consistent digital proof

  • Standardized workflow and consistent color management


Services you do not want to find? Feel free to give us a call.


Efficient media production

Short production cycles, individual or personalized communication and output on different channels?

We not only produce products such as price lists and data sheets with database publishing efficiently and safely, but also graphically sophisticated advertising materials such as flyers and catalogs.

The best prerequisite for your success, being at the right moment with the right information to the customer.


Personalized mailings

Personalized mailings can generate a high response. Relevance is the keyword. How to skilfully implement personalized mailings can be found here.

You attract the attention of the recipients through relevant content and a personal address. If your recipients feel valued and receive content with added value, they will open your newsletter on a regular basis.

Added value content does not end in the newsletter. Landing pages can also be personalized and equipped with all the important information. For example, the landing page may contain data related to an order.


Visualization & Augmented Reality

With CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) we create images out of nothing or on the basis of existing CAD data and in high-end quality. No time-consuming and costly photo sessions.

The augmented reality makes it possible to project digital content into the real world.

Smartphones, tablets and the like are used to visualize content in front of the user's eye. Printed matter can thereby be combined with other contents such as e.g. Videos or animations enriched and made visible via an app.

For you perhaps the decisive advantage over your competitor.


 Just in time: High-quality printed matter 


Through our long-standing and selected partners in printing, we provide a consistently high quality of printed products.

In the high-quality digital, offset or web offset printing we bring the digitally created for you reliable and on time with the latest technology on paper. And if you like including print finishing such as Overprint varnish.

We can implement "small" or "large" editions flexibly and quickly for you.

Do you have special requirements?

Let us talk about it.

We also gladly take on the role of "classic print production" for you. From data creation to print acceptance at your print shop.



 More service! 

And this starts with an unconventionally fast and tailored to your needs tender and continues on the permanent project support up to the reliable realization of their project.

Direct ways: One contact without many detours. So you can concentrate on your core business.

With us you have a committed and competent partner at your side, who sees himself as a solution provider and is happy to advise you in detail.

Your benefits:

  • fast quotation and personal advice

  • direct routes with a contact person

  • solution provider

  • reliable and on time




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